Classes are available to FATV members on a one-on-one basis. If you are interested in a class, please contact FATV's Education & Production Manager Dave Oster by calling (978) 343-0834 or email



STUDIO 1   //   Instructor: Dave Oster
Learn the basics of running a multi-camera television studio.  Here at FATV you learn the basics to operating the television studio, basics of audio and lighting and set design.


STUDIO 2 (Advanced Studio)   //   Instructors: Dave Oster
Want to bring the production value of your show up a notch?  FATV offers an advanced studio class that includes: Virtual sets and green screen and Advanced Lighting.



EDITING 1 Basic Editing (Adobe Premiere Pro CS6)  //   Instructor: Dave Oster
FATV offers beginner and advanced editing classes. In Editing 1 members learn the basics of editing, cutting, graphics and various other applications in editing on Pinnacle Studios software.


EDITING 2 ADVANCED EDITING (Adobe Premiere Pro CS6)  //   Instructor: Dave Oster
In this Advanced Class Members learn editing skills on industry standard editing software, the course involves: getting to know the interface, basics of editing in Adobe Premiere and exporting projects.


AFTER EFFECTS (Advanced)  //   Instructor: Dave Oster
For members looking to add more production value to their finished projects, Adobe After Effects allows you to create motion animation and much more.  This class teaches you the basics of navigating the After Effects interface and creating an animated project of your own.


PHOTOSHOP (Beginner Course)  //   Instructor: Dave Oster
This class takes you through the basics of what Photoshop has to offer and allows members to test their skills out on one of their own photos.



CANON HR62 (Beginner)  //   Instructor: Dave Oster
In this class members learn how to set up a tripod effectively and the basics of the Canon HR62, beginner camera.


CANON XA10 (Advanced)  //   Instructor: Dave Oster
The Canon XA10 offers a few more professional elements to your production. Students learn this camera and its capability with audio.


PANASONIC H150 (Advanced)  //   Instructor: Dave Oster
The Panasonic H150 is a professional video camera that allows members to really tone their skills as a professional videographer.  This camera allows for fine audio tweaking and a professional image.


CANON REBEL T3i & T5i (Photography and Video)  //   Instructor: Dave Oster
For the independent film maker and photographer this camera allows for so much creativity. We have an assortment of cinematic lenses. Members learn the basic functions of the camera, Shutter speed, ISO and F-stop.  Rule of thirds and depth of field and cinematic concepts.